It is with great sadness that we announce that Abraham Romero passed gently on Saturday, September 17 with his mother at his side.

Seventeen years is not nearly long enough, but it’s all he was given. It is very easy to focus on what we lost, but the true measure of a life is in the impact it makes on our world, not on the time he was with us. 

Let’s take a moment and remember who Abe was --  and the impact and legacy he left. 

Coach Castille brought a new battle cry with him to Organ Mountain High School. He believes deeply in it, and the team has learned to live by it: “Protect the Family.” That means to treat each other like family, watch out for each other, encourage each other and act with thought and care for the team, school, and people you represent.

No person lived their life by this motto more than Abe Romero. 

Abe, No. 22 was the starting middle linebacker and team captain. His job on the field was to make sure every player was in position, every weak spot was covered and to make on-field adjustments.  

Abe lived for those moments. His mom said that football was everything to him, and it was easy to watch him and understand that it was. The number 22 symbolizes leadership, drive, and determination on and off the field. 

And if you think that he’s still not doing it -- you don’t know Abe. 

Abe is with the team every time the Knights take the field,  not just during the moments of silence before the game starts. Any big play, any goal-line defense, he’s there. Every time the team lines up - you know it’s his voice in their ear, leading them, telling them where any weak spots are, and warning them where the assault is most likely to come. We’ve seen it in the stands; they feel it on the field. 

He’s uniting them to work together to protect, not just in the end zone.

Abe is still the embodiment of Protect the Family, and he’s having the same impact off the field. 

The outpouring of love, support, and prayers from the Las Cruces community, surrounding areas and even from states away has been nothing short of magical. The knowledge that Abe has been the center of it all has carried his immediate family and the OMHS football team through these last weeks. 


On behalf of Abe’s immediate family and the OMHS football family, thank you for the care and support that you have shown. We will share information about memorial services once it has been finalized. 

Until then, we ask that you continue to hold everyone involved in this situation in your thoughts and prayers. 

Help us Protect the Family. 

“He’s our starting middle linebacker, he’s the guy who gets us lined up defensively. You hope every good team is going to have a heart-and-soul type of dude that is going to pair up to coaches and be an extension of the coaches on the field, and he’s that guy,” Castille said. “In the weight room, he’s the one getting us going. He’s an unbelievable kid. Every time I have a teacher say the name ‘Abraham Romero,’ I’m never worried about the next thing that comes out of their mouth. It’s always, ‘What a respectful kid, what a great kid.’ He’s everything you want to coach. He’s everything you care about.”

Rio Rancho High school met OMHS at midfield prior to the game 9/9 and invited us to share in a moment of silence for Abe.

Abe Romero collapsed during the 8/26 game in Deming. He is currently in the El Paso Children's Hospital, recovering from brain surgery. He is stable but not awake yet.

We will keep updating this page as we receive information.

Update 9/13

Abe has not had any change in the past 48 hours. Per his mother, Elizabeth Alonzo, he is still in critical condition and still in a medical coma.

Any players who wanted to go to El Paso on Saturday to see him and spend time together with the family were able to.

I heard from one of the Senior parent reps that the players took over the waiting room, filling every chair and space on the floor. Someone passing by in the hallway said something to the effect of, "I see it's not just for family members." The parent rep said, "Ma'am we are a family."

Ms. Alonzo was kind enough to repay the visit, Monday night, in the football locker room. She had heard a rumor that spirits were sinking on the team and was there to fill in her son's team captain shoes and get the team fired up to keep pushing because that's what Abe would want. It's clear to see where he got his winner's spirit.

Any further questions should be answered with, "There has been no change in his condition, he is still in critical condition and still in a medical coma."

Please continue to watch for any information that is incorrect, and please don't spread anything that isn't confirmed - it catches like wildfire, especially from those who are close to the situation. We put out a couple of rumors over the weekend.

9/10 update:

Knights family,

This is a hard one.

Abe has taken a turn for the worse and is in critical condition. The hospital has allowed team members to come to the hospital to see him due to these circumstances.

This was the reason for the game cancellation today. Please understand that there are not a lot of answers at the moment.

As with any emotional circumstance, as caring individuals we have a tendency to try and learn all of the information that we can and offer our help in any way possible. While it is appreciated, it can also be overwhelming especially to the immediate family, and in this case the coaching staff who are trying to shepherd all of our boys through this chain of events without a map.

The best thing we can all do as Knight family, parents, and teammates is to maintain a vigil of love, support, and prayer for Abe and his family and give them a measure of privacy to deal with this situation. The family has been compassionate enough to allow information and access so that as fellow parents we can help our own boys as well. This has taken tremendous grace and fortitude.

What we can offer in return is to allow them to set the time and way in which this information becomes more public.

For now, we need to Protect the Family .

As more information is made available we will share it.

Until then, his family's job is to be with him, the coach's job is to watch out for the team, the parents job is to love our boys, and the boys job is to get thru this together.

We will have more information by Mondays booster club meeting.

Whatever it is we face, we'll get thru this together.

Current updates can be found at the Knights Football Facebook page -

9/10 - Abe has taken a turn for the worse and is in critical condition. The hospital has allowed team members to come to the hospital to see him due to these circumstances.

9/5 - Abe was not able to remain stable while not under sedation, he is back under sedation and stable.

8/31 - They have taken Abe off of sedation so his body can begin the process of waking up. Romero has been unconscious since suddenly collapsing between plays in Friday's game.

8/30 - Romero, a senior running back and middle linebacker, remains in the intensive care unit of El Paso Children’s Hospital. Alonzo said the 17-year-old is in stable condition after being rushed from the football field to Mimbres Memorial Hospital in Deming, where he was then airlifted to El Paso Children’s Hospital. Romero has been unconscious since suddenly collapsing between plays in Friday's game.

Alonzo said Romero could remain in a coma for up to two weeks and she said doctors are uncertain what caused Romero to lose consciousness.

8/29 - Abe is stable, they have had to do surgery to release some pressure from brain swelling and he also has a brain bruise. He is still sedated, most likely for a few days. They have done nerve testing and he has response in his lower extremities. He did have a blood pressure spike after some of his football brothers visited him on Saturday. No visitors allowed at this time.

The family is asking for your continued love, support, and prayers as they wait for him to wake.

Hello to you all,

Coach Holguin and I were able to see Abe today. He is in a stable condition and sedated. Doctors will keep him sedated for the next few days in the ICU. From that point he will will be in the hospital for a few weeks.

There are no definitive answers at this point. We'll know more in a few days. This is where are prayers are aimed. Abe is our greatest fighter and he will fight.

I don't know how exactly to help his family, but I know our Knight Family will rally to help in every way possible.

I'll do the best I can to keep people in the loop. Please share this information, so that we can stop any gossip or rumors.

Appreciate and love you all.

Pray for Abe and his family. Help his brothers to make good decisions.

Protect the Family

-Coach Castille

🏈To make a donation🏈

GoFundMe -

Cashapp $elizabtro --> 8509 is the last 4 of the phone number.

This goes directly to his family.

Donors can also call Organ Mountain High School at 575- 527-9430 to inquire about making a donation.

“I'm thankful for them to do something like this,” said Alonzo (Abe's mom), the main provider in a four-person house. Alonzo will be unable to work until Romero fully recovers. “I knew my son was liked by people, but I didn't know he was so loved by so many people.”

We will continue to post updates and fundraising events as they become available.

OMHS Mayfield moment of silence before game 9/2

Upcoming Fundraising Events

Members of LCHS football donating to Abe's Fund

Final Score 9/2 - clock stopped at :22

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Your Pawe love you!! your extremely strong, sending you lots of love and prayers❤️❤️- Cicilia & her family

Get better soon Abe - Denise Espino

Yo abe get well soon bro we miss u -Lorenzo Rios

Wishing nothing but fast recovery for you, you got this ur stronger than u think u are keep fighting we love you!❤️❤️ - Renee

Praying for Abe and each of you. - Another Mother

Come on little bro ! Fight ! You’re not a quitter ! Sense the first day I meet you you’ve always fought !! We’re all waiting for you to get better and help you with your recovery! You ain’t alone bro! You have the whole community praying for you and trying to help your family out ! All your brothers want you back on that feild and home ! You see how strong your family is being ? Even your momma ! That women is super strong just like you ! We love you brother !! We’re waiting for you .. your not alone ! Prayers to you and your family.. don’t forget #22 strong 💪🏼 🙌🏼 - Frances Villegas

Hatch Valley Bears are sending our prayers for a quick recovery. My God bless Abe and his family. - Orlando Gutierrez

Hey Abe I know your in a tough spot right now but I've been praying and just spreading the word about you so you can get better, there's much love Abe, the whole school and community loves you man, I can't wait to see you get up and better -Santi Jimenez

blessings to your family abe. out of everyone i ever met this man has never thought about givin up i know he can pull through and so does everyone else. we are hoping for a fast and safe recovery god bless abe love you bro🙏🏽💪🏽 - adan saenz

🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏 🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏 in and by the mighty name of Jesus! Godly direction and discernment and complete healing! Thank you Father God, Thank you Lord Jesus, Thank you Holy Spirit, Thank you the great I Am!♡♡♡ - DK Evans

We're thinking of you Abe. 💪🏻👍 - Coach Lopez

I love you Abe💪❤️, sending prayers to you and your family. - Dylan Rivera

Your in my Prayers Abe. ❤️❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️ - Castañeda

Hi Abe and Abe’s family. I am a survivor from a traumatic brain injury from a car accident in 2017. I was in a coma a couple of weeks and the only thing I can say is to just continue talking to him, he won’t remember exactly what you’re saying but he’ll remember not feeling alone. If his numbers don’t spike when touching him make sure he feels your touch. That’s so important. I pray for everything to work out and praying for the strength for Abe and your family. - Sierra Gonzalez

Sending you love and strength kiddo! You are amazing and you will get through this! Praying for you. - Ms. Teague

Hey Abe everyone is praying for your recovery. You will push through it everyone has your back. Prayers to you and your family. <3 - Mila Delgado

We're praying for you Abe get well - Kiannah

Get well soon Abe, praying for you and your family. -Sandra Lopez

hi abe and abe’s family i hope y’all are staying strong and i hope he’s ok just know your in my prayers - G

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